About Us

GPS PARS Ltd (PARS GPS) established in 2008 , Specializing in advanced automated real- time solutions for remote tracking, monitoring and management of vehicles, containers, assets and people.

PARS GPS is sole representative of Starcom systems, T42 systems and Helios tracker. Provide IOT systems for real time tracking systems, fleet management and security applications of the vehicle and driver, container GPS and satellite monitoring, merchandise tracking and management, and a personal locator for the protection of individuals.

All systems are characterized in strength, stability and continuous performance.

PARS GPS’ products are practical, easy- to- use, wireless solutions, consisting of unique software and an innovative hardware. our GPS tracking systems allow the end users a real-time online tracking of their assets anywhere, anytime.

Our main filed and activities:

  • Telemetry solutions and location based systems
  • GPS Navigation Systems, including perfect maps
  • Web based Tracking and Fleet management software development

Our products meet world-leading standards and carry multiple certifications including E 24 certification, Safety certification, EMC test certification, Tuv-Rheinland certification and more.

PARS GPS’s commitment to uncompromising quality and professionalism, and its continuous investment in R&D. Thanks to the user-friendliness of the system, it provides useful and effective solution, based on each user’s settings and requirements.