Web-based advanced fleet management application

Full Control Anywhere, anytime

Advanced solution with many benefits:

  • Detailed maps, to the street level.
  • Complete management solution – with Starcom Online you can manage all your vehicles, assets, employees and more in one-place.
  • Define your own events, with Starcom Event Generator.
  • Receive pre-defined alerts that meet your needs.
  • Automatic customized reports generation on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

♦User friendly ♦ Cost reduction ♦Full control ♦Web based♦Cloud based    


Online web application is one of the most effective tools for a web-based fleet, container and asset management.

You can easily manage all your hardware under one platform that you can monitor your fleet, your cargo, your team members and more. One detailed map – making it both easy and efficient.

The units registered on the web application are displayed over a detailed map, reporting their status and condition in real time.

User Friendly


Unlimited Access

The application can be used from any computer or mobile device – allowing you to track and monitor your units anywhere, anytime.

The advanced sophisticated fleet management system generates operational and statistical reports, according to your needs and requirements.you can analyze data from cross-section databases (driver behavior/ vehicle behavior/ work hours, etc.) to provide you with a view on patterns, needed for essential management.

The fleet management application is user-friendly and easy to operate. You can prepare a customized event, define where information is routed, and set the timing.

With our unique events generator – you can create pre-defined events and receive real-time alerts, providing you with real-time monitoring from anywhere at any time. For example, an alert could be generated by any deviation from specified speed in a specific area, an opening of the cargo door outside the authorized unloading zone and more.