Versatile Smart Reporting Padlock

User friendly , No Installation

Application in Every industry:

  • Customs Operations
  • Commercial & Retail
  • Personal Use
  • Remote Locations
  • Cargo
  • and…


Your business’s most valuable assets are priceless and irreplaceable. In today’s world, it is essential to know where and when your assets are being accessed, to be conscious of any faults and to reduce the risk of falling victim to a security breach.

Imagine a High Security padlock that could communicate. It would send you an alarm if someone opened it. At every moment, you can be aware of the precise location of your lock, and trace your belongings at any given time. How much easier would it be to manage your assets more efficiently and to protect your most valuable items.

Through identifying the specific security needs of your business, WatchLock®, the reporting lock that both guards and reports.



Peace of Mind

WatchLock® can be used in a wide range of applications for the protection of devices and property, without the need for any special preparation, wiring or installation. Its cellular communication abilities, along with its embedded GPS technology make it ideal for remote locations or for use with transporting goods and valuable equipment.

We offer three different WATCHLOCK hardware solutions, for various needs and price points:


Embedded with GPS capabilities – Battery operated, with no external power source required – Robust design for enhanced protection and durability – communication device of your choice, whether cell phone, PC or tablet – Impact Indicator providing you with an indication of break-in attempts – Text message or email alert on the following actions: Opened ,Closed ,Repositioned ,Moved out of or into a predefined geographical area ,Low battery notification or alerting when the battery has been replaced.

Materials: Hardened Steel black plated , Keys: Reversible nickel silver with plastic key head

Duplication key control: Patented keys protected by a personal key card that is presented before key duplication