Portable tracking solution for any purpose

No Installation , Extremely Compact

Ideal portable tracking solution with unique features :

  • No wiring, standalone unit featuring an easy set up
  • Advanced GPS technology pinpoints precise location
  • Real-time customized alerts provide valuable information with any irregular event
  • Full reports providing unit’s location and condition history
  • Providing an immediate alert an update with any theft attempt,when the item is moved or handled not according to protocol

Portable assets  ♦Packages  ♦Valuable shipments  ♦Bicycles ♦Pets♦



Kylos is stand-alone GPS tracker and management system, perfect for asset management, monitoring, and tracking. Kylos devices do not require any installation and provide essential information – including location, velocity, temperature, impact and light exposure.




Kylos units are the perfect solution for tracking of goods, pets, and other assets, and can also be used as a personal GPS tracker. Kylos units offer a full management solution when used with our mobile and online applications .

With various designs and configurations, we offer a different Kylos for every need:

Kylos Forever


Kylos Compact is a smart personal tracker, combining both cellular communications and GPS technology with built in sensors, for every aspect of personal tracking. It detects emergency situations, as pre-defined by our event generator – in example, leaving a specific geographic area. It can also detect personal injuries, such as fall and equipped with a panic button. Thanks to its compact design and advanced features, Kylos Compact can also be used as a sleek and easy to hide tracking device, providing enhanced security for precious cargo.

Kylos AIR