Advanced Vehicle Tracking & fleet management

Unique features, Comprehensive tracking

If you are looking for vehicle tracking and fleet management, HELIOS offers perfect solutions, with the most advanced and unique features allowing you to:

    • Monitor the temperature

    • Monitor fuel level and consumption

    • Monitor the Fuel Theft Alarm

    • Match vehicles with drivers

    • Monitor door opening/closing in a specified location

    • Monitor Harsh breaking and vehicle accidents

    • Plan your fleet maintenance


Helios is advanced AVL device, covering every aspect of vehicle tracking for any need. For over 13 years, Helios is the choice of fleet managers, security companies, car dealerships and both commercial and government organizations around the world.

Helios is not just another GPS car tracking system, it is an advanced management system built to last longer – with better components and superior technology.

Superior Technology

Built to Work Better

Last Longer life Time

With our mobile and online management applications it offers advanced fleet management and security options like no other system. This includes geofencing and the ability to pre-define events through unique event generator and to perform OTA (over the air) units update and maintenance with no need for downtime

We offer four different Helios hardware solutions, for various needs and price points:

Helios M


Helios M the finest craftsmanship, is a fully-featured, minature, highly competitive & a cost-effective GPS tracking device developed for fleets of all sizes. It offers you crystal clear real-time tracking at 30 second intervals & instantaneous notifications when vehicle ignitions are switched on/off and also possible to send gradual stop command.

Helios TT


Helios TT is a versatile track & trace system for any vehicle. It is a waterproof, low voltage all-in-one unit with advanced features. Helios TT is compact in size and can be easily hidden in motorcycles and other smaller vehicles. In addition to our various safety and security alerts, it also features a tow alert.

Helios Advanced


Helios Advanced is a sophisticated tracking and monitoring device with advanced fleet management options and security features. With multiple connections and a canbus reader, it allows you to manage multiple aspects of your vehicle management. Helios Advanced can also be used as a standalone alarm system.

Helios Hybrid


Helios Hybrid is an ideal tracking device for remote and isolated areas. It works anywhere, anytime thanks to combined iridium satellite and cellular connectivity. The Helios Hybrid features all of our Helios Advance features, with a Hybrid connectivity that keeps you connected even out of cellular connectivity range.

Helios Accessories help you use your Helios system to get your job done more effectively. The accessories utilize the latest technology and fully comply with the most rigorous automotive requirements. The Hands-Free Voice System, for example, is a great choice for Voice Call between the Driver and the control room. The Numeric KeyPad accessory let you set a Driver ID, which is an effective way to stop unauthorized drivers from starting the vehicle

Helios Accessories
Helios Fuel Sensor
Helios Key Pad
Garmin connectivity to Helios
Helios Hands Free Kit
Helios Temperature sensor
HELIOS Dallas Button
Helios Transponder